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Disability Insurance (DI) - Monthly Data

The monthly summary report is intended to provide the user with a quick overview of the status of the DI program at the state level. This summary report contains monthly information on claims activities, average weekly benefit amounts, average duration of claims, benefits authorized, the DI Fund balance and other statistics. This data is used in budgetary and administrative planning, program evaluation, and reports to the Legislature and the public.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DatedatedateCalendar date
Weeks Compensatedweeks_compensatedweeks_compensatedNumberThe total number of weeks that benefits are paid to all eligible Disability Insurance recipients during the month.
Area Namearea_namearea_nameText
Average Weekly Benefit Amount (AWBA)average_weekly_benefit_amount_awbaaverage_weekly_benefit_amount_awbaNumberThis is the typical weekly benefit amount paid to an eligible Disability Insurance recipient.
Initial Claims Paidinitial_claims_paidinitial_claims_paidNumberThe total number of Disability Insurance applications that were paid during the month. Note: Initial Claims Paid exceeded Initial Claims Filed due to efforts to reduce the backlog for Initial Claims Paid.
Initial Claims Filedinitial_claims_filedinitial_claims_filedNumberThe total number of Disability Insurance applications that were filed during the month.
Area Typearea_typearea_typeText
Average Durationaverage_durationaverage_durationNumberThe average number of weeks that benefits are paid for each Disability Insurance first claim paid.
DI Fund Balancedi_fund_balancedi_fund_balanceNumberDisability Insurance and Paid Family Leave programs are State mandated and funded through employee payroll deductions. The fund balance is the amount that remains in the Disability Fund after all Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave benefits have been paid for the month.
Total Benefits Authorizedtotal_benefits_authorizedtotal_benefits_authorizedNumberThe total amount of benefits authorized during the month to all eligible Disability Insurance recipients.
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