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2021 Edmonton Election - Candidate Contact Information

2021 Edmonton Election - Candidate Contact Information

This dataset contains the candidates campaign contact information and official agent information. Campaign contact information shown in this dataset was provided and authorized by the candidate or agent for publishing.

Every effort is made by the Election Office to ensure the accuracy of the information in the candidate listing; however, should changes be required, Candidates or their Agents can contact the Election Office and updates will be made.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
OtherotherotherTextcandidate other website
Candidate First Namecandidate_first_namecandidate_first_nameTextcandidate first name
WardwardwardTextmunicipal or school ward
TwittertwittertwitterTextcandidate Twitter account
Candidate Last Namecandidate_last_namecandidate_last_nameTextcandidate last name
Agent Email Addressagent_email_addressagent_email_addressTextagent email address
Agent First Nameagent_first_nameagent_first_nameTextagent first name
Agent Cellagent_cellagent_cellTextagent cell phone number
Agent Last Nameagent_last_nameagent_last_nameTextagent last name
Campaign Office Phonecampaign_office_phonecampaign_office_phoneTextcandidate campaign office phone number
Agent Campaign Phoneagent_campaign_phoneagent_campaign_phoneTextagent campaign phone number
FacebookfacebookfacebookTextcandidate Facebook account
Campaign Websitecampaign_websitecampaign_websiteTextcandidate website address
Campaign Email Addresscampaign_email_addresscampaign_email_addressTextcandidate email address
Candidate Office Addresscandidate_office_addresscandidate_office_addressTextcandidate campaign office address
LinkedInlinkedinlinkedinTextcandidate Linkedin account
Candidate NamecandidatenamecandidatenameTextcandidate's full name
AcclaimedacclaimedacclaimedTexthas the candidate been acclaimed? This field will not be populated until October 2021.
Campaign Cellcampaign_cellcampaign_cellTextcandidate campaign cell number
Race IDrace_idrace_idTextunique identifier for each election race. This field will not be populated until October 2021.
ContestcontestcontestTextname of the election contest

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