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Pet License History by Neighbourhood

Pet License History by Neighbourhood

Pet license (cats, dogs, pigeons) transaction history by neighbourhood; details initial license issuance, periodic renewals, and the current (as of the dataset refresh date) status of the license (still an "issued" status, has expired, etc.).

Explanation of pet license statuses:

  • Issued: Up-to-date license

  • Delinquent: More than one month overdue

  • Renewed: License is in the last month before it expires, and the renewal notice has been sent

  • NSF: A cheque was received as payment, but was returned as NSF (not sufficient funds) by the bank

  • Expired: Less than one month overdue

  • Accepted: Pet licence account has been created but payment has not yet been applied to the account (used for brand new accounts)

NB: For FOIP reasons, pets are excluded from this dataset if there are fewer than five of the relevant animal type in the pet's neighbourhood. For example, if there are only four dogs in a particular neighbourhood, none of those dogs will be featured in this dataset.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
row_idrow_idrow_idTextUnique row identifier
animal_typeanimal_typeanimal_typeTextPet type (Cat, Dog, Pigeon...)
pet_idpet_idpet_idTextUnique pet identifier
spayed_or_neuteredspayed_or_neuteredspayed_or_neuteredCheckboxAnimal is spayed/Neutered/Unknown
current_license_statuscurrent_license_statuscurrent_license_statusTextThis is the current license status, as of the date that this dataset was last updated. It is not related to transaction_date. See dataset description for explanation of values..

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