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Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) Project Results - BETA

This data represents project development objective indicators for the ARTF portfolio (from 2001 through today). This dataset pulls project indicator measurements from ARTF implementation status reports. The indicator descriptions are pulled from the ARTF results matrix.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Indicator Descriptionindicator_descriptionindicator_descriptionTextDetailed description of the indicator.
Unit of Measureunit_of_measureunit_of_measureTextCorresponding unit in which the indicator is being measured.
Project Statusproject_statusproject_statusTextProject status. Active, or closed. Note: Closed projects may still receive applications through Application Deadline Date.
ValuevaluevalueNumberThe value of the indicator recorded in the corresponding unit of measure.
Implementation Status Results Report Dateisrr_dateisrr_dateCalendar dateThe date the relevant Implementation Status & Results Report was released.
Indicator IDindicator_idindicator_idText
As of Datedate_addeddate_addedCalendar dateThe date at which the dataset values were last updated.
Project Nameproject_nameproject_nameTextA Bank project is referenced by a project ID (Pxxxxxxx). More than one loan, credit, or grant may be associated with one Project ID. Projects with no project ID represent Bank-executed work.
Project IDproject_idproject_idText
Trust Fund Grant Numbertrust_fund_grant_numbertrust_fund_grant_numberTextRefers to Trustee Account. The Trustee Account is the account at the highest level in the Trust Fund hierarchy into which Contributions or other funds are received. Every Trust fund hierarchy has one Trustee Account.
CommentcommentcommentTextComments recorded in the implementation status report by team members recording information.
Implementation Status Results Report IDisrr_idisrr_idTextThe document ID of the Implementation Status & Results Report the data was pulled from.
SectorsectorsectorTextCorresponding Sector/Theme
Value Typevalue_typevalue_typeTextDescribes the nature of a value. Baseline refers to the value of the indicator at the start of the project or at the point at which the first measurement was made. Target refers to the project goal for the indicator at the end of the projects. Current measurements record values for the indicator during the project.
Indicator Nameindicator_nameindicator_nameTextA short descriptive title for the indicator highlighting the characteristics of the value being measured
Value Datevalue_datevalue_dateCalendar dateRefers to the date at which a measurement for the indicator was recorded.
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