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Commercial Credit Exposure by Counterparty Rating

Commercial Credit Exposure by Counterparty Rating

Provides data on investment commercial credit exposure for IBRD and IDA. The values are shown net of collateral held. For IBRD, the decrease in credit exposure in FY2010 reflects a decrease in the size of the IBRD investment program due to decrease in liquidity held and a relatively smaller decrease in IBRD's net swap exposure.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
OrganizationorganizationorganizationTextWorld Bank Organization
Period End Dateperiod_end_dateperiod_end_dateCalendar dateIndicates the As of Date
Counterparty Ratingcounterparty_ratingcounterparty_ratingTextShows counterparty rating
Amount (US$, millions)amount_us_millionsamount_us_millionsNumberAmount in millions of US Dollars.
CategorycategorycategoryTextCategory of instrument securities

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