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Historical IBRD Income Statements Data

Historical IBRD Income Statements Data

This dataset contains Income Statement data from IBRD’s published financial statements It was compiled from data in our systems as well as by extracting the data from the published Financial Statements documents. The dataset goes as far back as the foundation of the institution (1946). This data has been verified and validated for publication, but does not, in any capacity, replace the official published Financial Statements.

An archive for IBRD’s annual Financial Statements is available at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
YearyearyearCalendar dateDate in which the Income Statement was published.
GroupinggroupinggroupingTextRepresents alignment of various segments of the Income Statement based on nature of its components.
Amount (US$, Millions)amountamountNumberAmount in Million US Dollars.
Line Item Descriptionline_item_descriptionline_item_descriptionTextRepresents the individual components of the Income Statement as published.
ClassificationclassificationclassificationTextRepresents expansive categorization of Income Statement into Revenue, Expenses, Unrealized mark-to-market gains (losses) on Investments-Trading portfolio, Unrealized mark-to-market gains (losses) on Non-Trading portfolios.
CategorycategorycategoryTextRepresents the first level view of the Grouping column.

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