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IBRD Subscriptions and Voting Power of Member Countries

IBRD Subscriptions and Voting Power of Member Countries

Member countries are allocated votes at the time of membership and subsequently for additional subscriptions to capital. Votes are allocated differently in each organization.

Each member receives votes consisting of share votes (one vote for each share of the Bank's capital stock held by the member) plus basic votes (calculated so that the sum of all basic votes is equal to 5.55 percent of the sum of basic votes and share votes for all members).

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Subscription AmountsharessharesNumberIn millions of 1944 U.S. Dollars.
Amounts Subject to Callamounts_subject_to_callamounts_subject_to_callNumberShows amounts of subscribed capital that are subject to call when required to meet the obligations of IBRD created by borrowing or guaranteeing loans.
Total Amountstotal_amountstotal_amountsNumberShows total amounts of subscribed capital.
Percentage of Total Subscriptionspercentage_of_total_sharespercentage_of_total_sharesNumberNote that the individual figures shown are rounded.
MembermembermemberTextCountries that were members as of 2010. Note: Membership: On June 24, 2010, Tuvalu became the 187th member of IBRD.
As of Dateas_of_dateas_of_dateCalendar date
Number of Votesnumber_of_votesnumber_of_votesNumberNumber of votes
Percentage of Total Voting Powerpercentage_of_total_votespercentage_of_total_votesNumberNote that the individual figures shown are rounded.
Amounts Paid inamounts_paid_inamounts_paid_inNumberShows amounts of subscribed capital paid in.

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