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IBRD/IDA/IFC Trust Funds - Annual Cash Contributions and Disbursements

For IBRD/IDA and IFC Trust Funds, the World Bank Group is normally responsible for all financial and programmatic functions, including oversight of the operational use of the funding. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the World Bank as Trustee complies with all sanctions applicable to World Bank transactions. The use of IBRD/IDA TFs is split between Bank-executed trust funds (BETFs), which are used in support of the Bank's work program, and Recipient-executed trust funds (RETFs), under which funds are provided to a third party, normally in the form of project financing, and supervised by the Bank. IFC manages the funds in support of IFC advisory services and donor-funded investments.

No further updates are planned for this particular dataset, please visit the Global Partnership and Trust Fund Operations website for more details:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Disbursements (US$ billions)disbursementsus_billionsdisbursementsus_billionsNumberPayments made from a trust fund account to eligible recipients; also referred to as expenditures in the case of IFC trust funds.
Fund Typefund_typefund_typeTextIndicates whether it is IBRD/IDA trust fund, or IFC trust fund.
Cash Contributions (US$ billions)cashcontributions_us_billionscashcontributions_us_billionsNumberContributions received by the Bank in the form of cash and encashment of promissory notes.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearTextThe fiscal year begins on July 1st of the previous year and runs through June 30th of the designated year.
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