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IDA Statement of Credits and Grants - Latest Available Snapshot

IDA Statement of Credits and Grants - Latest Available Snapshot

The International Development Association (IDA) credits are public and publicly guaranteed debt extended by the World Bank Group. IDA provides development credits, grants and guarantees to its recipient member countries to help meet their development needs. Credits from IDA are at concessional rates. Data are in U.S. dollars calculated using historical rates. This dataset contains the latest available snapshot of the IDA Statement of Credits and Grants. The World Bank complies with all sanctions applicable to World Bank transactions.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Effective Date (Most Recent)effectivedate_most_recenteffectivedate_most_recentCalendar dateThe date on which a legal agreement becomes effective, or is expected to become effective.
Board Approval Dateboard_approval_dateboard_approval_dateCalendar dateThe date the World Bank approves the loan.
Agreement Signing Dateagreement_signing_dateagreement_signing_dateCalendar dateThe date the borrower and the Bank sign the loan agreement.
Undisbursed Amountundisbursed_amountundisbursed_amountNumberThe amount of a loan commitment that is still available to be drawn down. These currency amounts have been converted to US dollars at the exchange rates applicable at the end of period date.
Project IDproject_idproject_idTextA Bank project is referenced by a project ID (Pxxxxxxx). More than one loan, credit, or grant may be associated with one Project ID.
CountrycountrycountryTextCountry to which loan has been issued. Loans to the IFC are included under the country “World”.
Closed Date (Most Recent)closeddate_most_recentcloseddate_most_recentCalendar dateThe date specified in the legal agreement (or extension) after which the Bank may, by notice to the borrower, terminate the right to make withdrawals from the loan account.
Sold 3rd Partysold_3rd_partysold_3rd_partyNumberPortion of loan sold to a third party.
Credit Numbercredit_numbercredit_numberTextFor IBRD loans and IDA credits or grants a loan number consists of the organization prefix (IBRD/IDA) and a five-character label that uniquely identifies the loan within the organization. In IDA, all grant labels start with the letter ‘H’ or 'D'.
First Repayment Datefirst_repayment_datefirst_repayment_dateCalendar dateThe date on which principal repayment starts.
Original Principal Amountoriginal_principal_amountoriginal_principal_amountNumberThe original US dollar amount of the loan that is committed and approved.
RegionregionregionTextCountry lending is grouped into regions based on the current World Bank administrative (rather than geographic) region where project implementation takes place. The Other Region is used for loans to the IFC.
Last Disbursement Datelast_disbursement_datelast_disbursement_dateCalendar dateThe date on which the last disbursement was made (prior to the end of period date).
Credits Heldcredits_heldcredits_heldNumberThe sum of the disbursed and outstanding amounts (net of repayments, i.e. Due to IBRD/IDA) plus undisbursed available amounts expressed in historical US Dollars.
Borrower's Obligationborrower_s_obligationborrower_s_obligationNumberThe Borrower Obligation is the outstanding balance for the loan as of the end of period date in US dollars equivalent. The Borrower's Obligation includes the amounts outstanding Due to 3rd parties.
Repaid to IDArepaid_to_idarepaid_to_idaNumberTotal principal amounts paid or prepaid to IDA in US dollars, calculated at the exchange rate on the value date of the individual repayments.Repaid to IDA amounts include amounts written off under the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI).
Disbursed Amountdisbursed_amountdisbursed_amountNumberThe amount that has been disbursed from a loan commitment in equivalent US dollars calculated at the exchange rate on the value date of the individual disbursements.
BorrowerborrowerborrowerTextThe representative of the borrower to which the Bank loan is made.
Credit Statuscredit_statuscredit_statusTextStatus of the loan.See Data Dictionary attached in the About section or Data Dictionary dataset available from the list of all datasets for status descriptions.
Repaid 3rd Partyrepaid_3rd_partyrepaid_3rd_partyNumberAmount repaid to a third party.
Exchange Adjustmentexchange_adjustmentexchange_adjustmentNumberThe increase (decrease) in value of disbursed and outstanding amount due to exchange rate fluctuations; includes exchange adjustments on the amounts Due to 3rd parties.
Due to IDAdue_to_idadue_to_idaNumberThe amount due and outstanding as of the End of Period date.
Service Charge Rateservice_charge_rateservice_charge_rateNumberCurrent Interest rate or service charge applied to loan. For loans that could have more than one interest rate (e.g. FSL or SCL fixed rate loans), the interest rate is shown as “0”.
Country Codecountry_codecountry_codeTextCountry Code according to the World Bank country list. Might be different from the ISO country code.
Last Repayment Datelast_repayment_datelast_repayment_dateCalendar dateThe date specified in the loan/credit agreement (amended for any partial prepayments) on which the last principal installment must be repaid by the Borrower.
Cancelled Amountcancelled_amountcancelled_amountNumberThe portion of the undisbursed balance which has been cancelled (i.e. no longer available for future disbursement). Cancellations include terminations (where approved loan agreements were never signed).
Project Nameproject_nameproject_nameTextShort descriptive project name.
Currency of Commitmentcurrency_of_commitmentcurrency_of_commitmentTextThe currency in which a borrower’s loan, credit, grant or trust fund is denominated.
End of Periodend_of_periodend_of_periodCalendar dateEnd of Period Date represents the date as of which balances are shown in the report.
Due 3rd Partydue_3rd_partydue_3rd_partyNumberAmount due to a third party.

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