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IFC Investment By Industry - Annual Summary

IFC Industries (Sectors) are in charge of processing IFC transactions. They also provide the Regional Departments with the expertise and knowledge needed to process new projects. Learn more at .

FY10 data has been revised to be consistent with IFC's FY11 re-organizational changes across Industry departments.

Note: Dollars in millions, for the year ended June 30. Short-term finance investments are included in figures prior to 2015.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Agribusiness and Forestryagribusiness_millionsagribusiness_millionsNumberIn millions of USD, Agribusiness plays a vital role in economic development. In countries with low per capita incomes, the agricultural sector often accounts for half or more of the gross domestic product and 60-80 percent of total employment.
Consumer & Social Servicesconsumer_social_services_millionsconsumer_social_services_millionsNumberIn millions of USD. Private health care and education are fundamental to human and economic development—health care plays a key role in improving the quality of life, while education is a powerful instrument for reducing poverty and growing human capital.
Natural Resourcesoil_gas_miningoil_gas_miningNumberIn millions of USD. Natural resource industries are important for many of the world's poorest countries: they are a key source of jobs, economic opportunities, investments, revenues to government, energy and other benefits for local economies.
Infrastructureinfrastructure_millionsinfrastructure_millionsNumberIn millions of USD. IFC is scaling up infrastructure investments that have the most impact in low-income developing countries. We are continuing our work in early stage project development, and expanding our investments in harder sectors such as water.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumberThe fiscal year begins on July 1st of the previous year and runs through June 30th of the designated year.
Manufacturingglobal_manufacturing_and_services_millionsglobal_manufacturing_and_services_millionsNumberIn millions of USD. IFC focuses on key industries that form the foundation of sustainable growth and that provide affordable goods and services to consumers, create jobs, contribute to government revenue, and stimulate local small and medium enterprises.
Health & Educationhealth_educationhealth_educationNumber
Telecommunications and Information Technologiesglobal_information_and_communication_technologies_millionsglobal_information_and_communication_technologies_millionsNumberIn millions of USD. IFC investment in this sector adds value to clients in the telecoms, media and technology sectors through private sector financing and advisory services. Access to these services is fundamental to expanding the reach of development.
Financial Marketsfinancial_markets_millionsfinancial_markets_millionsNumberIn millions of USD. IFC’s Financial Markets department accounts for almost half of IFC’s new investments each year. We focus on small and medium enterprises, microfinance, climate change, and agri-finance.
Tourism, Retail & Propertytourism_retail_propertytourism_retail_propertyNumber
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