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Procurement Notice

Procurement Notice

This dataset includes procurement tender notices for World Bank financed projects. Learn more about the World Bank Group's operations in procurement at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Major Sectormajor_sectormajor_sectorTextMajor Sector
Procurement Typeprocurement_typeprocurement_typeTextType of procurement according to those defined by the World Bank Group.
Country Codecountry_codecountry_codeTextWorld Bank Country code.
Bid Descriptionbid_descriptionbid_descriptionTextDescription of a bid for a procurement activity.
URLurlurlURLWebsite URL.
Notice Typenotice_typenotice_typeTextType of notice that is sent from the Implementing Agency to the public and/or potential suppliers.
Deadline Datedeadline_datedeadline_dateCalendar dateThe date by which bids need to be submitted to the Implementing Agency for inclusion into the bidding process.
Publication Datepublication_datepublication_dateCalendar dateThe date when a procurement notice was published.
Project IDproject_idproject_idTextWorld Bank Project ID.
Country Namecountry_namecountry_nameText

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