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B-8, Special Tax Credits Allowed

B-8, Special Tax Credits Allowed

The dataset contains Personal Income Tax (PIT) statistics for special credits allowed based on PIT resident and nonresident tax returns.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CategorycategorycategoryTextThe special tax credit category.
Taxable Yeartaxable_yeartaxable_yearNumberTaxable year for which tax returns were filed in a number format that can be used to filter and sort, as well as display in charts.
Special Tax Creditspecial_tax_creditspecial_tax_creditTextThe special tax credit name.
ReturnsreturnsreturnsTextThe number of returns with special credit.
Allowed Creditallowed_creditallowed_creditTextThe special credit amount allowed.
Percent of Total Creditspercent_of_total_creditspercent_of_total_creditsTextThe percentage of the special credit allowed amount for each credit out of the total amount of all credits allowed for the taxable year.