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B-9.1, High Income Returns by Income Level and Average Tax Rate

The dataset contains statistics for high income resident tax returns by income level and average tax rate.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Average Tax Rate 3.0% to 4.9%average_tax_rate_3_0_to_4_9average_tax_rate_3_0_to_4_9NumberNumber of returns with tax liability for tax rate 3.0% to 4.9%.
AGICagicagicTextAdjusted gross income classification (AGIC) is the category of taxpayers whose income falls within a specified CA adjusted gross income range.
Average Tax Rate 5.0% to 6.9%average_tax_rate_5_0_to_6_9average_tax_rate_5_0_to_6_9NumberNumber of returns with tax liability for tax rate 5.0% to 6.9%.
Average Tax Rate 2.0% to 2.9%average_tax_rate_2_0_to_2_9average_tax_rate_2_0_to_2_9NumberNumber of returns with tax liability for tax rate 2.0% to 2.9%.
Total Tax Liabilitytotal_tax_liabilitytotal_tax_liabilityNumberThe total amount of tax California taxpayers are obligated to pay.
Taxable Returnstaxable_returnstaxable_returnsNumberThe number of taxable returns.
Non-Taxable Returnsnon_taxable_returnsnon_taxable_returnsNumberReturns The number of non-taxable returns.
Total Returnstotal_returnstotal_returnsNumberThe total number of taxable and non-taxable returns.
Taxable Yeartaxable_yeartaxable_yearNumberTaxable year for which tax returns were filed in a number format that can be used to filter and sort, as well as display in charts.
Average Tax Rate 1.0% to 1.9%average_tax_rate_1_0_to_1_9average_tax_rate_1_0_to_1_9NumberNumber of returns with tax liability for tax rate 1.0% to 1.9%.
Average Tax Rate Less Than 1.0%average_tax_rate_less_than_1_0average_tax_rate_less_than_1_0NumberNumber of returns with tax liability for tax rate less than 1.0%.
Average Tax Rate 9.0% and Aboveaverage_tax_rate_9_0_and_aboveaverage_tax_rate_9_0_and_aboveNumberNumber of returns with tax liability for tax rate 9.0% and above.
Average Tax Rate 7.0% to 8.9%average_tax_rate_7_0_to_8_9average_tax_rate_7_0_to_8_9NumberNumber of returns with tax liability for tax rate 7.0% to 8.9%.
CategorycategorycategoryTextThe income category, adjusted gross income (AGI), AGI plus tax preference income, AGI less investment interest, and expanded income4.