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Fulton County Vendors

Fulton County Vendors

Listing of businesses to which the Fulton County government has made payments for goods or services. Because of the way training and travel reimbursements to employees are recorded in the financial system, individual Fulton County employees also appear in the list if they have received such reimbursements.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Vendor Namevendor_namevendor_nameTextThe legal name of the vendor
IDvendor_idvendor_idTextAn internally generated alphanumeric code uniquely identifying each vendor
ZipzipzipTextThe zip code of the vendor
StatestatestateTextThe home state of the vendor
Vendor Statusvendor_statusvendor_statusTextIndicates whether the vendor is in an active or inactive status
CitycitycityTextThe home city of the vendor

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