Census Omnibus 1YR

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Census Omnibus 1YR

A collection of Community Vital Signs (CVS) and annual Community Health Status Assessment (CHSA) indicators.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
VariablevariablevariableTexta description of the indicator
CategorycategorycategoryTextpriority area including health and wellness, safety, education, economy, and demographics.
IndicatorindicatorindicatorTextshort description of indicator
SEXsexsexTextsex, male or female
DATEdatedateCalendar datemidpoint date of the year of the survey
MAXAGEmaxagemaxageNumbermaximum age
DENOMINATORdenominatordenominatorNumberdenominator or the entire eligible population
GEOIDgeoidgeoidTextgeographic identification number
NON_PERCENTnon_percentnon_percentNumbermedian or mean
PERCENTpercentpercentNumberpercent of variable
VALUEvaluevalueNumbernumerator or value
YEARyearyearTextyear of survey
MINAGEminageminageNumberminimum age
NAMEnamenameTextname of area
TYPEtypetypeTextsex, age, and race/ethnicity breakdown of variable

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