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Demographic Median Age by City Pierce

Demographic Median Age by City Pierce

Median Age: The middle value of age for a total population, males, and females in an area.(B01002). City and CDP values are from the ACS 5 Year Survey.

Each year represents the end of a five-year estimate period (e.g. 2018-12-31 contains the 2013-2018 five-year estimates)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Median age Malemedian_age_malemedian_age_maleNumberB01002_002
Median age Femalemedian_age_femalemedian_age_femaleNumberB01002_003
Median age Totalmedian_age_totalmedian_age_totalNumberACS Variable: B01002_001
NAMEnamenameTextCity, town or CDP name
YearyearyearCalendar dateEnd date of five-year estimate period

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