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Microtransit (Scooter and Ebike) Trips

Dateset refreshes weekly!

This dataset contains historical microtransit trips in Kansas City, Missouri on micro-transit devices. The dataset has been processed to protect anonymity by rounding the start and end points (latitudes and longitudes) to just three decimal places - creating a grid effect. The individual path of each trip is not published to protect privacy, just the beginning and end points of each trip. Additionally, the scooter vendor name is not included in this dataset to protect proprietary information from the participating companies.

This is the same processing method used by the City of Louisville, KY for publishing their MDS data.

To learn more about MDS visit https://github.com/openmobilityfoundation/mobility-data-specification.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Council Districts:@computed_region_9t2m_phkm:@computed_region_9t2m_phkmNumber
End TimeendtimeendtimeTextTime Trip Ended (rounded to the nearest 15 minutes in HH:MM format)
End LatitudeendlatitudeendlatitudeNumberEnd Latitude (Rounded)
Day of WeekdayofweekdayofweekNumberDOW in range 1,7 with Sunday as the first day of the week
Start DatestartdatestartdateCalendar dateDate Trip Started
Trip DistancetripdistancetripdistanceNumberIn Miles
trip_idtrip_idtrip_idTextUnique Trip ID
End DateenddateenddateCalendar dateDate Trip Ended
Start TimestarttimestarttimeTextTime Trip Started (rounded to the nearest 15 minutes in HH:MM format)
End LongitudeendlongitudeendlongitudeNumberEnd Longitude (Rounded)
Zip Codes:@computed_region_w4hf_t6bp:@computed_region_w4hf_t6bpNumber
Trip DurationtripdurationtripdurationNumberIn Minutes
Start LocationstartlocationstartlocationPointGeometry Format
End LocationendlocationendlocationPointGeometry Format
Start LatitudestartlatitudestartlatitudeNumberStart Latitude (Rounded)
Start LongitudestartlongitudestartlongitudeNumberStart Longitude (Rounded)
hourhourhourNumberHour of Day
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