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Marine Phytoplankton Grouped by Size Class

Marine Phytoplankton Grouped by Size Class

<p>This dataset contains phytoplankton samples collected from Puget Sound and analyzed using a particle imaging analyzer (FlowCAM®). For more information see the King County <a href="" > marine phytoplankton</a> webpage. </p><p>This specific dataset summarizes phytoplankton abundance and biovolume data summarized by size classes. Additional datasets summarize abundance and biovolume data by:</p><p>• <a href="" >Sample By Size Class (each sample size class in one line)</a></p><p>• <a href="" >Sample by Generic Functional Group</a></p><p>• <a href="" >Sample by Specific Functional Group</a></p><p>• <a href="" >Sample by Taxonomic Group</a></p><p>For locator information, see the <a href="">WLRD Water Quality Collection Sites</a> dataset.</p><p>For corresponding water quality data matched by Grab ID see the <a href="">Water Quality</a> dataset.</p>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
10-25um Biovolume (mm^3 L)_10_25um_biovolume_mm_3_l_10_25um_biovolume_mm_3_lNumberBiovolume of particles 10-25 um
100-300um Biovolume (mm^3 L)_100_300um_biovolume_mm_3_100_300um_biovolume_mm_3NumberBiovolume of particles 100-300 um
ReplicatesreplicatesreplicatesNumberIndicates if there are replicate samples
Sample Numbersample_numbersample_numberTextDescription of sample collection location Unique identifier applied by the laboratory for samples collected from the same bottle
Grab IDgrab_idgrab_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected at the same time but run for different program components (e.g., phytoplankton and water quality data collected together)
Sample IDsample_idsample_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected from the same bottle
Replicates Ofreplicates_ofreplicates_ofNumberIndicates the sample number of the replicate
Site Namesite_namesite_nameTextDescription of sample collection location
QualityqualityqualityNumberCode indicating overall quality of the data (see DataReadMeFile_WQ for definitions)
LocatorlocatorlocatorTextCoordinate information available at:
DataSourcedatasourcedatasourceTextWho the data were analyzed by
Steward Notesteward_notesteward_noteTextText entered by secondary data reviewers
Profile IDprofile_idprofile_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected on the same day, at the same place, but at different depths
Collect Datecollect_datecollect_dateCalendar dateDate samples were collected
25-100um Abundance (particles mL)_25_100um_abundance_particles_25_100um_abundance_particlesNumberAbundance of particles 25-100 um
>300um Biovolume (mm^3 L)_300um_biovolume_mm_3_l_300um_biovolume_mm_3_lNumberBiovolume of particles >300 um
Depth (m)depth_mdepth_mNumberDepth sample was collected (meters)
>300um Abundance (particles mL)_300um_abundance_particles_300um_abundance_particlesNumberAbundance of particles >300 um
100-300um Abundance (particles mL)_100_300um_abundance_particles_100_300um_abundance_particlesNumberAbundance of particles 100-300 um
10-25um Abundance (particles mL)_10_25um_abundance_particles_10_25um_abundance_particlesNumberAbundance of particles 10-25 um
Total Abundance (particles mL)total_abundance_particlestotal_abundance_particlesNumberTotal phytoplankton abundance of sample
25-100um Biovolume (mm^3 L)_25_100um_biovolume_mm_3_25_100um_biovolume_mm_3NumberBiovolume of particles 25-100 um
Total Biovolume (mm^3 L)total_biovolume_mm_3_ltotal_biovolume_mm_3_lNumberTotal phytoplankton biovolume of sample