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Vehicles, Trailers and Other Equipment

Vehicles, Trailers and Other Equipment

The fleet of vehicles, trailers and other equipment used outside that is owned by Marin County as of a specified date. Data includes vehicle make, model, model year, vehicle class and which organization in the County uses the vehicle. Vehicles include passenger cars, construction vehicles, police emergency vehicles, fire emergency vehicles, and landscaping vehicles. Other equipment used outside includes trailers, flood control pumps, generators, and other. The oldest vehicles have model years in the 1980's. Data is updated annually.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Organizational Unit Numberorganizational_unit_numberorganizational_unit_numberNumber
Model Year Datemodel_year_datemodel_year_dateCalendar dateModel year needs to be date & time type to create a metric.
Model Yearmodel_yearmodel_yearNumber
Assigned Current Organizational Unitassigned_currentassigned_currentText
Fuel Typesfuel_typefuel_typeText
County Vehicle ID Codecounty_vehicle_codecounty_vehicle_codeNumber
Class Type Numberclass_numberclass_numberNumber
Unique IDportal_unique_idportal_unique_idText
Year Purchasedyear_purchaseyear_purchaseNumber
Fleet Report Datefleet_report_datefleet_report_dateCalendar date
Year Disposed Ofyear_disposeyear_disposeText

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