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Bookable Banner Poles

The dataset contains all the banner pole locations in the City of Melbourne. Banner poles can be booked to promote events throughout the city. Further information can be found in the link below.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
asset_descriptionasset_descriptionasset_descriptionTextDescription of the asset.
asset_numberasset_numberasset_numberNumberThe councils unique id of this asset.
book_groupbook_groupbook_groupNumberThe booking group the banner pole belongs too.
lonlonlonNumberThe longitude of the banner pole.
location (state)location_statelocation_stateText
model_no_lupvaluemodel_no_lupvaluemodel_no_lupvalueTextModel number of the banner pole.
banner_pole_typebanner_pole_typebanner_pole_typeNumberBanner pole type.
latlatlatNumberThe latitude of the banner pole.
location (address)location_addresslocation_addressText
location (zip)location_ziplocation_zipText
model_descr_lupvaluemodel_descr_lupvaluemodel_descr_lupvalueTextDescription of the banner pole.
locationlocationlocationPointThe latitude and longitude of the banner pole.
location (city)location_citylocation_cityText
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