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Building Permits

This public register of building permits lists all building permits for building works issued by Melbourne Certification Group, in and outside of the City of Melbourne, and also any building works issued by Private Building Surveyors within the City of Melbourne.

​The information provided is extracted from the records held by City of Melbourne.

For a definition of the building classification type please see the attachment.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
completed_by_datecompleted_by_datecompleted_by_dateCalendar dateWhen the works are to be completed by.
building_classificationbuilding_classificationbuilding_classificationTextBuilding classification type.
commence_by_datecommence_by_datecommence_by_dateCalendar dateCommencement date of works.
rbs_numberrbs_numberrbs_numberTextThe RBS number is registered building surveyor number. This number is unique to each registered building surveyor who has issued a building permit.
estimated_cost_of_worksestimated_cost_of_worksestimated_cost_of_worksNumberEstimated cost of works.
issue_dateissue_dateissue_dateCalendar dateThe date the permit was issued.
permit_numberpermit_numberpermit_numberTextBuilding permit number.
council_refcouncil_refcouncil_refTextCouncil reference of the building permit
desc_of_worksdesc_of_worksdesc_of_worksTextThe description of works.
addressaddressaddressTextThe address the building permit refers to.
permit_certificate_typepermit_certificate_typepermit_certificate_typeTextPermit certificate type.
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