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Buildings with name, age, size, accessibility, and bicycle facilities

Data collected as part of the City of Melbourne's Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE). The data covers the period 2002-2020. It shows selected building attributes including location, construction year, refurbished year, number of floors above ground, predominant space use, bicycle/shower facilities and building accessibility. Building accessibility data is collected to track accessibility for internal City of Melbourne purposes. This data is provided as a community service by the City of Melbourne. It is not and does not purport to be a complete guide. There may be errors or omissions. Data is liable to change. The City of Melbourne accepts no responsibility in respect of any claim arising from use or reliance upon this data.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Property IDproperty_idproperty_idNumberProperty ID is the optional second tier in the property hierarchy, is an individual key use to identify when multiple buildings are located within the boundary of a Base Property ID.
Block IDblock_idblock_idTextThe Census area is divided into city blocks, each of which is identified by a unique block number. Blocks are primarily defined by major roads. There are around 606 blocks in the City of Melbourne.
Building namebuilding_namebuilding_nameTextName that the building is known by or named.
Street addressstreet_addressstreet_addressTextStreet Address of the building (Property ID)
Construction yearconstruction_yearconstruction_yearNumberConstruction year of the building
Refurbished yearrefurbished_yearrefurbished_yearNumberRefurbishment year of the building
Predominant space usepredominant_space_usepredominant_space_useTextPredominant space use of the building
x coordinatex_coordinatex_coordinateNumberThe longitude of the building
Accessibility ratingaccessibility_ratingaccessibility_ratingNumber3 = High accessibility, 2 = Moderate accessibility, 1 = Low accessibility, 0 =Not rated
Has showershas_showershas_showersTextBuilding has end point shower facilities available.
Municipal boundary 2:@computed_region_evbi_jbp8:@computed_region_evbi_jbp8NumberThis column was automatically created in order to record in what polygon from the dataset 'Municipal boundary' (evbi-jbp8) the point in column 'geocoded_column' is located. This enables the creation of region maps (choropleths) in the visualization canvas and data lens.
Accessibility typeaccessibility_typeaccessibility_typeTextClassification of accessibility rating of the building.
Census yearcensus_yearcensus_yearNumberThe CLUE census year refers to the year in which surveying was completed.
Base property IDbase_property_idbase_property_idNumberBase Property ID is an individual key use to identify each land parcel which is a space (not a street or road) capable of being the parent property of either a Building Property or an occupancy property, the base is the first tier in the property hierarchy.
Bicycle spacesbicycle_spacesbicycle_spacesNumberTotal number of bike parking spaces in the building.
CLUE small areasuburbsuburbTextCLUE small areas are composed of a group of city blocks, each of which is identified by a unique block number.
Locationgeocoded_columngeocoded_columnPointThe latitude and logitude of the building
Number of floors (above ground)building_height_highest_floorbuilding_height_highest_floorNumberTotal number of floors (counted above ground) of the building
Accessibility type descriptionaccessibility_type_descriptionaccessibility_type_descriptionTextBuilding access Description of accessibility rating of the building.
y coordinatey_coordinatey_coordinateNumberThe latitude of the building
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