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City of Melbourne Jobs Forecasts by Small Area 2020-2040

This dataset provides jobs forecasts by single year for 2020 to 2040. Prepared by SGS Economics and Planning (Jan-Jun 2021), forecasts are available for the municipality and small areas, as well as by industry and space use type.

Further information can be found on our <a href=""><u>City Forecasts</u></a> page.

<a href="">Related datasets</a> are also available on Open Data.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Industry Space Useindustry_space_useindustry_space_useTextCCLUE industry definition & space use definition. Industry categories are adapted from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Australia and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification (ANZSIC) at the 1-digit level. Space use categories are adapted from CLUE space use codes in conjunction with industry categories. For a list of industries and space use codes see For more info on how the space use categories map to space use codes and industries, refer to the summary report available at
ValuevaluevalueNumberNumber of jobs forecast for the relevant year
GeographygeographygeographyTextGeographical area (Melbourne LGA or small areas used for the City of Melbourne's CLUE analysis). Small areas mostly correspond to traditional suburb boundaries. Note that they do not necessarily correspond to gazetted suburb or postcode boundaries, which are subject to change over time. For spatial definition of boundaries see
YearyearyearNumberYear of forecast
CategorycategorycategoryTextIndustry/space use type (jobs by industry; jobs by space use)
  • city_of_melbourne_jobs_forecasts_by_small_area
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