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Commingled recycling collected at Centre Place 2016

The Centre Place hub is one of several sites where commingled recycling is collected to be processed by the City of Melbourne's Degraves Street Recycling Facility. This dataset contains the amount of commingled recyclables collected each day of 2016.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Total 1100 litre bins filledtotal_1100_litretotal_1100_litreNumber
Time bin 2 spot weight checkedtime_bin_2_spottime_bin_2_spotText
Time bin 3 spot weight checkedtime_bin_3_spottime_bin_3_spotText
DatedatedateCalendar date
Daily Estimated Net Weight (kg)daily_estimated_netdaily_estimated_netNumber
Time bin 1 spot weight checkedtime_bin_1_spottime_bin_1_spotText
  • commingled_recycling_collected_at_centre_place
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