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Customer Service Requests (with digital channel information)

This dataset contains service requests received from external customers. This data is collected through the council's Salesforce system. It contains information about the service type, status, and dates for received and closed. This dataset only contains a subset of the received requests as it is extracted from one of several customer requests systems.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
suburbsuburbsuburbTextThe suburb where the request was due to be actioned (this has been derived by the request address - but aggregated to suburb for privacy reasons).
case_origincase_origincase_originTextThe method or system where the request was received by/from
service_typeservice_typeservice_typeTextThe type of request
date_closeddate_closeddate_closedCalendar dateThe date when this request was closed.
date_openeddate_openeddate_openedCalendar dateThe date when this request was opened.
statusstatusstatusTextThe request status
  • customer_service_requests_with_digital_channel
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