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Live Music Venues

Melbourne is widely known as one of the world’s great music cities, and has more live music venues per capita than any other city in the world (Melbourne Live Music Census Report 2017).

City of Melbourne is home to a large number of these venues and this dataset provides a list of dedicated live music venues, and other venues and spaces which present live music, in the municipality.

It should be noted that the criteria for a live music venue, as determined by the Melbourne Live Music Census Report 2017, is a venue which presents live music two nights per week minimum. The census also identified that on an annual basis, 44% of regular venues feature live music on four nights per week, 28% on five nights and 10% on seven nights. Additionally according to the census and associated venue survey responses, a live venue in Melbourne typically: - is a hotel or bar in the CBD or inner suburbs which has been operating for an average of 8 years and, in 50%+ of cases, presents live music four nights per week.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
websitewebsitewebsiteURLVenue website
space_typespace_typespace_typeTextType establishment, i.e pub, nightclub
latlatlatNumberThe latitude of the venue
venue_addressvenue_addressvenue_addressTextThe address of the venue
locationlocationlocationPointThe latitude and longitude of the venue
lonlonlonNumberThe longitude of the venue
venue_namevenue_namevenue_nameTextThe venue name
property_numberproperty_numberproperty_numberNumberCouncil ref number of the property
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