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Microclimate Sensor Locations

This dataset contains the location and location description for each microclimate sensor device installed throughout the city. Each microclimate sensor device will have several climate sensors embedded inside. Sensor devices are typically installed on a street pole and locations are selected based on relevant project criteria.

Since the beginning of the Microclimate Sensor Readings dataset in 2019, some sensor devices have been relocated. This may be for various reasons such as construction works or re-assignment to new climate projects. Any changes to sensor locations are important to consider when analysing and interpreting historical data.

The site_id column can be used to merge the data with related dataset (linked below). Site_id refers to the location of the unique sensor device which may have changed over time.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
site_idsite_idsite_idNumberUnique location id referring to the location of sensor device (used to link the location of the sensor device to the Microclimate Sensor Readings dataset)
gateway_hub_idgateway_hub_idgateway_hub_idTextUnique sensor device id. One sensor device will contain multiple microclimate sensors (used in combination with the site_id to link to the Microclimate Sensor Readings dataset
descriptiondescriptiondescriptionTextDescription of the location of the sensor device
last_datalast_datalast_dataCalendar dateDate and time when the last data was sent from a sensor associated with the sensor device
site_statussite_statussite_statusTextIndicates if the site is a historic location for the sensor device or currently in use. R = retired, the location is no longer in use. C = current, the present location of the sensor device
start_readingstart_readingstart_readingCalendar dateDate and time sensor device began transmitting data from this site
end_readingend_readingend_readingCalendar dateDate and time sensor device stopped transmitting data from this site
longitudelongitudelongitudeNumberlongitude of the site
latitudelatitudelatitudeNumberlatitude of the site
locationlocationlocationPointspatial location
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