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Microclimate Sensor Readings

This dataset contains environmental readings from microclimate sensors located across the city. The data is updated every hour in fifteen minute increments and can be used to determine variations in microclimate changes throughout the day. Microclimate data includes:

  • Ambient air temperature

  • Relative humidity

  • Barometric pressure

  • Particulate matter 2.5

  • Particulate matter 10

  • Average wind speed

The Microclimate Sensor Readings helps us to understand temperature, relative humidity, pressure, particulate matter 2.5, particulate matter 10, and average wind speed at different locations and different times of day to better inform decision-making and plan for the future.

Additional values are included in this dataset to provide an easier way to correlate the data with the official EPA Victoria data. These can be identified with the value 'epa' included in the type column. EPA Victoria report air quality readings in 1 hour and 24 hour averages. This includes; ambient air temperature readings in 1 hour average, relative humidity readings in 1 hour average, particulate matter 2.5 readings in 1 hour and 24 hour averages, and particulate matter 10 readings in 1 hour and 24 hour averages.

The site_id column can be used to merge the data with the <a href='' target='_blank'>Sensor Locations dataset</a> which contains the sensor location. Any changes to sensor locations are important to consider when analysing and interpreting historical microclimate data.

Note this dataset may not contain a reading for every sensor for every 15 minutes as the sensor devices might not have a reading for each value. There may be situations where no readings are reported for all sensors or only some readings are reported at a particular site.

For the description of each sensor please see the <a href=''>sensor type document</a>.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
idididNumberUnique id for each record in the dataset
site_idsite_idsite_idNumberUnique id referring to the location of sensor (spatial locations provided in Microclimate Sensors - Sensor Locations dataset)
gateway_hub_idgateway_hub_idgateway_hub_idTextUnique sensor device id (each sensor device will contain multiple sensors)
sensor_idsensor_idsensor_idTextUnique sensor id (refer to attachment for more information).
valuevaluevalueNumberSensor reading (dependent on sensor_id, refer to attachment for more information)
local_timelocal_timelocal_timeCalendar dateLocal date and time
typetypetypeTextName of sensor type
unitsunitsunitsTextUnits of measurement
  • microclimate_sensor_readings
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