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On-street Car Parking Sensor Data - 2015

The City of Melbourne has installed in-ground parking bay sensors in most CBD parking bays. These sensors record when a vehicle arrives and when it departs. Each record also includes the parking restriction for the bay and whether the vehicle has overstayed that restriction. This is the data for the 2015 calendar year.

Known data issues:

  1. There are 453,178 records that have the text ‘OLD’ at the end of the restriction in the field named ‘Sign’. This has been investigated and determined the text refers to one of two things, either:

· At the time of the parking event the restriction that has been captured is correct but when the data was extracted from the server (July 2017) the restriction had since changed.

· (Or) The particular sensor has since been replaced.

  1. There are a number of records that have a negative value in the duration in field ‘seconds’. This occurs due to a sensor detecting an arrival time being after the departure time.
  1. There are a number of records where the arrival and departure times have not been recorded. If the time has not been recorded the time is calculated from midnight of the arrival day to either midnight of the departure day or to the departure time.

Data that is excluded:

In the 2015 car parking event data there are 4,138 records where the parking event goes into 2016 and ends at midnight.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BetweenStreet1betweenstreet1betweenstreet1TextClosest Intersecting street with the street parked on. Ideally the next one in front of the parked vehicle.
StreetIdstreetidstreetidNumberA GIS key that describes the street segment where the sensor is located. A street segment is the section of street, between two
AreaareaareaTextCity area - used for administrative purposes.
SignsignsignTextParking sign in effect at the time of the parking event.
BetweenStreet2betweenstreet2betweenstreet2TextClosest Intersecting street with the street parked on. Ideally the next one behind the parked vehicle.
ArrivalTimearrivaltimearrivaltimeCalendar dateDate & Time that the sensor detected a vehicle located over it.
DurationSecondsdurationsecondsdurationsecondsNumberTime difference between arrival and departure events (measured in seconds).
StreetMarkerstreetmarkerstreetmarkerTextThe street marker that is located next to the parking bay with a unique id for the bay. Often a small round, metal plaque found on the pavement next to the bay.
Vehicle Presentvehicle_presentvehicle_presentTextTrue = Vehicle present False = Vehicle not present
DepartureTimedeparturetimedeparturetimeCalendar dateDate & Time that the sensor detected a vehicle no longer located over it.
StreetNamestreetnamestreetnameTextStreet upon which the vehicle parked.
In Violationin_violationin_violationTextTrue = In violation False = Not in violation
Side Of Streetside_of_streetside_of_streetNumberSide of the street on which the parking event occurred. 1 = Centre 2 = North 3 = East 4 = South 5 = West
DeviceIddeviceiddeviceidNumberSerial number of the InGround Sensor.
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