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Public artworks, fountains and monuments

The City of Melbourne maintains a register of all public artwork, fountains and monuments located within the City. This dataset contains various information regarding the type, category and geographical location of the artwork.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Mel way RefmelwayrefmelwayrefText
Respective AuthorrespauthorrespauthorText
Co-ordinates (address)geom_addressgeom_addressText
Alternate NamealtnamealtnameText
NorthingnorthingnorthingNumberNorthward distance of the asset on the map.
EastingeastingeastingNumberEastward distance of the asset on the map.
Structurestructure_structure_TextStructure of the asset.
Co-ordinates (city)geom_citygeom_cityText
Co-ordinates (zip)geom_zipgeom_zipText
Art DateartdateartdateTextDate of the artwork.
ArtistartistartistTextName of the artist.
Address PointaddressptaddressptTextAddress point of the asset.
NamenamenameTextName of the Asset.
Co-ordinatesgeomgeomPointCo-ordinates of the asset.
Co-ordinates (state)geom_stategeom_stateText
Asset Typeasset_typasset_typTextType of the Asset.
  • public_artworks_fountains_and_monuments
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