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Social Indicators for City of Melbourne Residents 2018

The City of Melbourne Social Indicators Survey (CoMSIS) was conducted for the first time in 2018. The survey collects data about the state of health, well-being, participation and connection of communities in the Melbourne Local Government Area, primarily to report on key Council Plan 2017-21 municipal outcome indicators.

This new survey program replaces the previous Future Melbourne surveys and will be conducted on an annual basis.

This data set provides indicator results for 1,247 residents surveyed via a mix of telephone and online interviewing. Results have been provided by suburb, gender and age groups and has been weighted according to population proportions for the Melbourne LGA. Responses such as don't know, don't understand, prefer not to say, not applicable etc. were excluded in the calculation of indicators. The sample sizes shown reflect this accordingly.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
RESPONSEresponseresponseTextSurvey response that pertains to indicator
SAMPLE SIZEsample_sizesample_sizeNumberUnweighted sample size (e.g. number of respondents included in the analysis)
YEARyearyearNumberYear of survey data collection
RESPONDENT GROUPrespondent_grouprespondent_groupTextRespondent group surveyed (suburb, gender or age)
DESCRIPTIONdescriptiondescriptionTextIndicator description
RESULTresultresultNumberWeighted result for respondents surveyed
TOPICtopictopicTextIndicator topic (e.g. physical activity, health etc.)
FORMATformatformatTextFormat of result (percentage or average)
TYPEtypetypeTextIndicator type (Council Plan or other)
INDICATORindicatorindicatorTextIndicator number
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