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Staff counts 2014-15

This dataset contains the summary of planned human resources expenditure for City of Melbourne in 2014-15. It contains information which represents the numbers of permanent staff expenditure and the numbers of full time equivalent (FTE) for each category of the organisational structure.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
As at Dateas_at_dateas_at_dateTextThe date in which the information was generated at
YearyearyearTextThe financial year in which the FTE was incurred
DescriptiondescriptiondescriptionTextThe nature of the FTE contract value
Value (FTE)value_ftevalue_fteNumberThe value in full time equivalent (FTE)
Actual/Budget/Planactual_budget_planactual_budget_planTextIndicating if this value was the actual, budgeted or planned value according to 'as at date' field
CategorycategorycategoryTextThe group in which the value reflects FTE
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