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Standard Statement of Cash Flows 2014-15

This dataset contains City of Melbourne's cash flows for financial year 2014-15. The Statement of Cash Flow is a cash statement prepared in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards. It shows how changes in the balance sheet accounts income affect cash and cash equivalents. The information breaks the analysis down according operating, investing and financing activities. While all due care has been taken in providing these figures, some errors and discrepancies may be present.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
YearyearyearTextThe year in which this record was generated or estimated for
Value ($'000)value_000value_000NumberThe dollar (AUD) in thousands for this financial indicator
As at Dateas_at_dateas_at_dateTextThe date in which the figure was generated at.
Actual/Budget/Planactual_budget_planactual_budget_planTextIndication if the value was actual, budget (allocated), or plan (an estimate at the start of the financial year).
Sub Categorysub_categorysub_categoryTextThe sub category indicating if this was a closing balance, opening balance, payments or reciepts.
TypetypetypeTextThe type of cash flow
CategorycategorycategoryTextThe category indicating which type of finance the records relates to. This is one of balance, financing, investing or operating.
  • standard_statement_of_cash_flows_201415
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