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Memphis Animal Services Euthanasia by Type

Memphis Animal Services Euthanasia by Type

This dataset shows the number of animals euthanized each month by Memphis Animal Services and the reason why euthanasia was performed. Broken out into dog, cat, other and total.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
YearyearyearNumberReporting year
Month Nomonth_nomonth_noNumberDatabase tool that assigns a number to each month to allow sorting by month
CategorycategorycategoryTextType of animal (cat, dog, or other)
EUTH REQeuth_reqeuth_reqNumberNumber of animals euthanized because citizen requested euthanasia and it was deemed appropriate
DatedatedateCalendar dateReporting month and year
MEDICALmedicalmedicalNumberNumber of animals euthanized for medical reasons
Space/Behaviorspace_behaviorspace_behaviorNumberNew category in fall 2019 Number of animals euthanized for behavior issues, but which might have been saved if time/space issues were not also present
TIME/SPACEtime_spacetime_spaceNumberNumber of animals euthanized for time or space-related reasons
BEHAVIORbehaviourbehaviourNumberNumber of animals euthanized for behavior-related reasons
OverallCountoverallcountoverallcountNumberOverall number of animals euthanized for the reporting month
MonthmonthmonthTextReporting month

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