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Current Iowa Correctional System CBC Residential Population

Current Iowa Correctional System CBC Residential Population

This dataset contains de-identified individual offender data for offenders currently serving in an Iowa Community Based Corrections Residential Facility. Dataset includes information regarding age, sex, race, offense committed, and supervision status.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AgeageageNumberAge of the offender as of the report date
Months Servedmonths_servedmonths_servedNumberTime served by the offender in months
Offense Descriptionoffense_descriptionoffense_descriptionTextThe description of the most serious offense the offender was convicted of
Report Datereport_datereport_dateCalendar dateMonth ending date associated with population data.
Supervision Statussupervision_statussupervision_statusTextSupervision status of the offender
EducationeducationeducationTextHighest level of education completed
SexsexsexTextSex of the offender
Education Categoryeducation_categoryeducation_categoryTextCategorizes education completed by offender into three categories: Post-Secondary, HS Diploma or Equivalent, and No HS Diploma. Post-Secondary includes the following: In College, Freshman level college, Sophomore level college, Junior level college, Vocational/Technical Student, Technical Training Completion, Vocational Program/Technical Certificate, Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and Doctorate. HS Diploma or Equivalent includes the following: High School Diploma, HiSET/GED and Special Education Diploma. No HS Diploma includes: First through Twelfth, No Diploma/No Certificate, Now Attending, and Unknown.
Race & Ethnicityrace_ethnicityrace_ethnicityTextRace and ethnicity of the offender
Supervising Judicial Districtsupervising_judicial_districtsupervising_judicial_districtTextJudicial District the offender is housed at
Offense Suptypeoffense_subtypeoffense_subtypeTextThe offense subtype of the most serious offense the offender was convicted of
Offense Codeoffense_codeoffense_codeTextThe code found in Iowa law book for most serious crime the offender was convicted of
Supervision Typesupervision_typesupervision_typeTextThese offenders are placed in a residential facility
Offense Classificationoffense_classoffense_classTextThe classification of the most serious offense the offender was convicted of
Residential Start Datestart_datestart_dateCalendar dateThe date when residential started for the offender
Supervising Facilitysupervising_facilitysupervising_facilityTextResidential facility housing the offender
Record IDrecord_idrecord_idTextUnique number assigned to each record
Offender Numberoffender_numberoffender_numberTextUnique number assigned to each offender
Offense Typeoffense_typeoffense_typeTextThe offense type of the most serious offense the offender was convicted of

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