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Summary Financial Data For Credit Unions

Summary Financial Data For Credit Unions

This dataset provides annual summary financial data for Iowa state-chartered credit unions starting with year ending 12/31/2005.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Net Incomenet_incomenet_incomeNumberIncome produced in the reporting year
DividendsdividendsdividendsNumberTotal interest paid to depositors in the reporting year
RevenuerevenuerevenueNumberTotal income recorded for the reporting year
Net Worthnet_worthnet_worthNumberTotal equity of the credit unions as of the reporting date
LiabilitiesliabilitiesliabilitiesNumberTotal credit union liabilities as of the reporting date
SharessharessharesNumberTotal member account and deposit balances as of the reporting date
AssetsassetsassetsNumberTotal credit union assets as of the reporting period
Reporting Datecycle_datecycle_dateCalendar dateDate of financial reporting
Insurance Numberinsurance_numberinsurance_numberNumberInsurance number of an individual credit union
ExpensesexpensesexpensesNumberTotal other expenses paid in the reporting year
NamenamenameTextCredit Union Name

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