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2017 Annual Operating Budget

2017 Annual Operating Budget

This is the City's calendar year 2017 annual operating budget. The information includes a breakdown by fund, category, department, division, and expense type. The City's total CY2017 expense budget is $444.88 million and the CY2017 revenue budget is $442.30 million.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ACCOUNT GROUPaccount_groupaccount_groupTextThe account group denotes the major reporting category
FUND-REPORTfund_reportfund_reportTextThe fund denotes how the budget dollars are categorized among the approximately 40 funds the City manages
ACCOUNT TYPEaccount_typeaccount_typeTextThis denotes if the amount is a revenue or expense. Expenses are expressed as negatives.
DEPARTMENTdepartmentdepartmentTextDenotes the department that is incurring the expense (not included for revenues)
AMOUNTamountamountNumberAmount of each CY2017 line item
ACCOUNT DETAILaccount_detailaccount_detailTextThe account detail denotes the specific line item for each revenue or expense
ACCOUNT NUMBERaccount_numberaccount_numberTextThis is the reference account in the City's general ledger
BUDGET TYPEbudget_typebudget_typeTextThe City categorizes the funds into 3 category types that denote how the funds are utilized.
DIVISIONdivisiondivisionTextDenotes the division of each department that is incurring the expense (not included for revenues)

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