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Debt Service Schedule

Debt Service Schedule

The City's outstanding debt service schedule. The dataset includes annual principal and interest payments for all outstanding debt.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SeriesseriesseriesTextSeries associated with the debt service payment. When the debt issuance or refunding occurred
Fund Groupfund_groupfund_groupTextThe funding mechanism for the repayment of the City's debt
Payment Datepayment_datepayment_dateCalendar dateDate of the City's debt service payment
Calendar YearcycyNumberYear of the City's debt service payment
Audit Groupaudit_groupaudit_groupTextCategory of the City's debt used in the annual audit
AmountamountamountNumberAmount of the City's debt service payment
TypetypetypeTextDebt payment is either principal or interest
FundfundfundTextSpecific fund that the debt is paid back from

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