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Strategic Vacant Anchors

Strategic Vacant Anchors

Location information and building attributes of the identified Strategic Anchors in Naperville, IL.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Fire Station Boundaries:@computed_region_qz49_p26d:@computed_region_qz49_p26dNumber
Location (city)location_citylocation_cityText
Zoning Descriptionzoning_descriptionzoning_descriptionTextThis field describes the zoning description of the Strategic Anchor.
AddressaddressaddressTextThis field describes the street address of the Strategic Anchor.
Existing Leaseexisting_leaseexisting_leaseTextThis field describes if the Strategic Anchor is currently under lease.
PhotophotosphotosPhotoThis field shows a photo of the Strategic Anchor. (Click on photo to view larger.)
Location (address)location_addresslocation_addressText
Location (zip)location_ziplocation_zipText
Location (state)location_statelocation_stateText
Zoning Codezoning_codezoning_codeTextThis field describes the zoning code of the Strategic Anchor.
Former Useformer_useformer_useTextThis field describes the use of the Strategic Anchor prior to becoming vacant.
Building Square Footagebuilding_sq_ftbuilding_sq_ftNumberThis field describes the size of the Strategic Anchor in square feet.
Lease Expirationlease_expirationlease_expirationTextThis field describes the month/year of the lease expiration for the Strategic Anchor. (If there is no value then there is not an existing lease).
Occupancy Statusoccupancy_statusoccupancy_statusTextThis field describes the current occupancy of the Strategic Anchor.
NamenamenameTextThis field describes the name of the former Strategic Anchor.
LocationlocationlocationPointThis field describes the full street address of the Strategic Anchor including latitude and longitude.
Law Beat:@computed_region_rd6t_r7fj:@computed_region_rd6t_r7fjNumber

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