Davidson County Election Results - Precinct Totals

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Davidson County Election Results - Precinct Totals

Certified voter totals for each Davidson County voting precinct for multiple elections over time. (Use the Filter option by Election Date to limit results to a single election.)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Polling Locationpolling_locationpolling_locationTextName of the voting location
Election Nameelection_nameelection_nameTextDescription of election type
Total Descriptiontotal_descriptiontotal_descriptionTextType of row total (either Ballots Cast or Registered Voters)
VotesvotesvotesNumberNumber of votes cast or voters in this precinct
Precinct Numberprecinct_numberprecinct_numberTextNumerical identifier of the voting precinct
Election IDelection_idelection_idTextUnique identifier for each election