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eBid Monthly Sales (2013 - 2021)

This is a cumulative list of the monthly sale of surplus property items on eBid, Metro Nashville's online surplus property auction website. This data covers 2013 through 2021.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Auction Titleauction_titleauction_titleTextName or description of item(s) sold
Auction IDauction_idauction_idNumberID number of auction for item(s)
DepartmentdepartmentdepartmentTextMetro department from which the item(s) originated
Close Dateclose_dateclose_dateCalendar dateDate the auction closed
Winning Bidwinning_bidwinning_bidNumberAmount of winning bid in US Dollars
Auction Fee Subtotalauction_fee_subtotalauction_fee_subtotalNumberAuction fees in US Dollars
Asset #assetassetTextMetro asset ID number of the item(s) being sold
Receipt Numberreceipt_numberreceipt_numberTextReceipt number or method of payment
ExpensesexpensesexpensesNumberAdditional expenses incurred in the sale, if any
VTR Numbervtr_numbervtr_numberTextVehicle Towing Record number
Decal /Vehicle IDdecal_vehicle_iddecal_vehicle_idTextVehicle ID (if the item was a vehicle)
Auction Fee Totalauction_fee_totalauction_fee_totalNumberMaximum amount of auction fee
CC Feecc_feecc_feeNumberFee for paying with credit card in US Dollars
CapcapcapNumberMaximum amount of fee percent that could be applied to auction
Fee Percentfee_percentfee_percentTextAuction fees as a percent
Pay Statuspay_statuspay_statusTextHas the auction been paid for?
Business Unitbusiness_unitbusiness_unitTextMetro business unit
Paid Datepaid_datepaid_dateCalendar dateDate the auction was paid for
Inventory IDinventory_idinventory_idTextInventory ID of the item(s) being sold
Net Salesnet_salesnet_salesNumberFinal amount of sale minus fees
FundfundfundTextMetro fund name