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General Government Employees Demographics

General Government Employees Demographics

Listing of demographic data for Metro Nashville general government employees.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
FLSA Exempt?flsa_exempt_y_nflsa_exempt_y_nTextFair Labor Standards Act exemption status (Y/N)
Pay Grade / Steppay_grade_steppay_grade_stepTextPay grade of employee, if applicable
ClassclassclassTextClassification code of the employee
Current Departmentcurrent_dept_descriptioncurrent_dept_descriptionTextDepartment to which the employee belongs
Employment Statusemployment_statusemployment_statusTextEmployment status description
EEO Job Category Descriptioneeo_job_cat_desceeo_job_cat_descTextFull text description of Equal Employment Opportunity job category
Ethnic Code Descriptionethnic_code_descriptionethnic_code_descriptionTextFull text description of the employee’s race / ethnicity
Year of Birthyear_of_birthyear_of_birthNumberEmployee’s year of birth
CountycountycountyTextEmployee’s county of residence
GendergendergenderTextGender of the employee
Annual Salaryannual_salaryannual_salaryNumberAnnual base salary of the employee
TitletitletitleTextClassification title of the employee
Date Starteddate_starteddate_startedCalendar dateDate that employee started employment with Metro

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