Metro Nashville Police Department Active Dispatch

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Metro Nashville Police Department Active Dispatch

Current active major incident calls for service received by the Emergency Communications Center dispatched to Metro Nashville Police Department. Updated approximately every 15 minutes.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CitycitycityTextCity, precinct, or neighborhood where the call occurred
AddressaddressaddressTextStreet address where the call occurred
Call Receivedcall_receivedcall_receivedCalendar dateDate and time the call was answered by the ECC
Last Updatedlast_updatedlast_updatedCalendar dateDate and time the call status was last updated
Incident Typeincident_typeincident_typeTextText description of the Incident Type Code
Incident Type Codeincident_type_codeincident_type_codeTextAbbreviated codes ("tencodes") used to represent common phrases describing the call
Location Infolocation_infolocation_infoTextAdditional location information for the call, if applicable