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Sandy DOH Summary

Sandy DOH Summary

THIS DATASET IS FINAL AND NO FURTHER UPDATES ARE EXPECTED. This is a summarized version of the DOH Master Data with key columns.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Project Descriptionproject_descriptionproject_descriptionTextA textual description of a DOH project related to Superstorm Sandy. For example: Administrative Costs = Administrative costs associated with DOH oversight and management of its SSBG funding and programs. This includes Grant Management System Upgrade also.
StatusstatusstatusTextCurrent status of project. Valid value: Completed
Funding Sourcefunding_sourcefunding_sourceTextFederal Agency that is the funding source for the state Agency, DCA. Valid value: CDBG-DR, CDC, & SSBG
Federal Agencyfederal_agencyfederal_agencyTextFederal Agency corresponding to the State Agency. Valid value: US HHS & US HUD.
As of Dateas_of_dateas_of_dateCalendar dateAgency data is up to date as of this date
Program Descriptionprogram_descriptionprogram_descriptionTextShort Description of the CDBG-DR, CDC, or SSBG program or any new program
Projectproject_nameproject_nameTextThe name of a DOH project related to Superstorm Sandy. For example: Administrative Costs
Allocated Amountproject_allocated_amountproject_allocated_amountNumberFunds provisionally set aside for this project
Disbursed Amountproject_disbursed_amountproject_disbursed_amountNumberFunds spent to date for this project
Obligated Amountproject_obligated_amountproject_obligated_amountNumberFunds committed to this project but not yet spent

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