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26521 RACE 2010-2012 Growth and Survival Carapace Widths

26521 RACE 2010-2012 Growth and Survival Carapace Widths

This data set is from a series of laboratory experiments examining the interactions between red and blue king crabs and habitat. We examined how density and predator presence affect habitat choice by red and blue king crabs. Further experiments determined how temperature and habitat affect predation by year-1 red king crab on year-0 blue king crab. Finally, long-term interaction experiments examined how habitat and density affected growth, survival, and intra-guild interactions between red and blue king crab.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
HabitathabitathabitatTextIndicates the habitat present in the tank: Sand represents bare sand, Shell represents sand with a layer of bivalve shells on top, and Cobble represents sand with a layer of cobble on top
SpeciesspeciesspeciesTextIndicates the species the observation was made on. RKC- red king crab, BKC- blue king crab
Carapace widthcarapace_widthcarapace_widthNumberThe carapace width (including spines) of the crab in millimeters
TreatmenttreatmenttreatmentText2011 experiment had two treatments: 20 and 5 which represent the starting number of crabs in each tank. In 2012 there were three species combination: RKC- red king crab only, BKC- blue king crab only, RKC/BKC- a mixture of red and blue king crabs
TanktanktankNumberThe replicate tank number from which the observation came
DatedatedateCalendar dateDate on which the observation was made
ExperimentexperimentexperimentNumberIdentifies which of the two experiments (2011 or 2012) the data is associated with
IDididNumberAn automatically generated sequential number that identified each unique observation

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