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AFSC/REFM: Seabird Necropsy dataset of North Pacific

AFSC/REFM: Seabird Necropsy dataset of North Pacific

The seabird necropsy dataset contains information on seabird specimens that were collected under salvage and scientific collection permits primarily by NMFS-certified fisheries observers deployed by the Pacific Islands Regional Office Observer Program to shallow and deep set pelagic longline fisheries operating in North Pacific waters and fisheries observers deployed by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center Observer Program to groundfish demersal longline, pot, and trawl fisheries in waters off Alaska. The database includes Magnuson-Act protected data on the precise date and location where the specimen was collected and publicly available information on the results of the necropsy work. This includes a suite of data including age class, sex, morphometrics, plumage characteristics, body condition, tissue samples, and plastics ingestion. Food habits are completed as a parallel program.


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