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Channel Patterns Trinity River

Channel Patterns Trinity River

InPort Dataset ID: 17862

InPort Entity ID: 33388

Reach numbers and attributes for the Trinity River from Lewiston Dam downstream to the North Fork Trinity River, California.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Reach Numberreach_numreach_numNumberReach number in sequence from downstream to upstream.
Reach Namereach_namereach_nameTextLocal name for the reach.
GidgidgidNumberUnique identifier for GIS file.
Predicted Channel Typepred_ch_typepred_ch_typeTextPredicted channel type based on plot of Trinity River reach slopes and discharges against reference site reach slopes and discharges.
Flow Typeflow_typeflow_typeTextDescription of the stream flow attribute recorded in the "Discharge" (DISCHARGE) column (e.g., Wet year release flow).
DischargedischargedischargeNumberStream flow for the flow type identified in the "flow type" (FLOW_TYPE) column, in cubic meters per second.
SlopeslopeslopeNumberChannel slope for the reach, in meters per meter.
CodecodecodeTextAbbreviation for reach name.

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