• chinook salmon
  • dam removal
  • elwha river
  • fish community composition
  • oncorhynchus spp.

Elwha Dam Removal Neashore Monitoring Field Details

Elwha Dam Removal Neashore Monitoring Field Details

InPort Dataset ID: 30856

InPort Entity ID: 36342

Fish-specific information collected in the field.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CommentscommentscommentsTextComments relevant to the sampled individual fish.
IdididNumberAuto-generated unique identifier.
Site Setnumsite_setnumsite_setnumTextSubdivision within named sampling location; we sample 1-4 sites at one named location, generally 10s-100s of meters apart.
Site Namesite_namesite_nameTextName of sampling location.
Ad Clipad_clipad_clipTextYes/no value regarding adipose fin clipped status. Recorded for Chinook and coho salmon only. y=ad-clipped, no=intact adipose fin.
CwtcwtcwtTextYes/no value for presence of a coded wire tag (CWT). Recorded for Chinook and coho salmon only.
Fish Idfish_idfish_idTextUnique identifier assigned to individual sampled fish when it is retained for further analysis.
Sample Datesample_datesample_dateCalendar dateDate on which sampling occured for this site/set combination.
SpeciesspeciesspeciesTextIdentified fish species sampled.
FklengthfklengthfklengthNumberMeasured fork length in mm, measured in the field.
Catch Idcatch_idcatch_idNumberUnique identifier of this date/site/set sample; links to catch_data table.
Life Stagelife_stagelife_stageTextLife stage designation used for some sampled species: forage fish (surf smelt, sand lance, and herring only) get divided into post-larval (<50mm), juvenile (50-120mm), and adult (>120mm). Chinook and coho salmon assigned 0+ and 1+ age based on size/month.
HatcheryhatcheryhatcheryTextAssigned hatchery designation for Chinook and coho salmon only determined based on combination of CWT and ad_clip status. CWT=y and/or ad_clip=y then H, otherwise called wild.
Set Idset_idset_idNumberUnique set identifier, links to set_info table.
SexsexsexTextField-assigned gender of sampled individual fish; not always recorded.

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