• chinook salmon
  • dam removal
  • elwha river
  • fish community composition
  • oncorhynchus spp.

Elwha Dam Removal Neashore Monitoring Lab Results

Elwha Dam Removal Neashore Monitoring Lab Results

InPort Dataset ID: 30856

InPort Entity ID: 36335

Follow up fish-specific information gathered in the lab.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Stomach Contentstomach_contentstomach_contentTextYes/no entry regarding whether the individual fish stomach contained food. field only filled when stomach contents were extracted.
Genetic Sample Numgenetic_sample_numgenetic_sample_numTextUnique identifier assigned to individual fish when it is sampled for genetic analysis (sometimes vials are pre-labeled so does not always match fish_id).
Genetic Resultgenetic_resultgenetic_resultTextResults of genetic analysiis. Level of detail dependent on species in question and lab where analyzed.
OtolithotolithotolithTextNumber of otoliths extracted from the sample. field only filled when otoliths are retained.
WeightweightweightNumberWet weight in grams (g).
Fish Idfish_idfish_idTextUnique identifier assigned to individual sampled fish when it is retained for further analysis.
Fklength Labfklength_labfklength_labNumberMeasured fork length in mm, measured in the lab (sometimes different from field measurement).
CWT Releasecwt_releasecwt_releaseTextLocation of release related to the coded wire tag that was read. Results obtained from state or regional CWT data repository.
CWT Resultcwt_resultcwt_resultTextAlphanumeric code read off of embedded coded wire tag in sampled individual fish.
SpeciesspeciesspeciesTextIdentified fish species sampled.
Set Idset_idset_idNumberUnique set identifier, links to set_info table.

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