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Epa Townetting Ctd Casts Logs

Epa Townetting Ctd Casts Logs

InPort Dataset ID: 17849

InPort Entity ID: 36243

Cast log with details on each water column profile that was collected. Profile data are linked to cast log using the Cast Key.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Data Flagdata_flagdata_flagTextData quality flag with notes describing any data for the cast that should not be used.
MonthmonthmonthTextMonth profile was taken.
Cast Keycast_keycast_keyNumberConcantenation of CTD and Cast number.
Con Filecon_filecon_fileTextInstrument configuration file used to derive variables from cast.
Processing Batchprocessing_batchprocessing_batchNumberBatch number of profiles processed using SeaBird data processing application.
SiteNamesitenamesitenameTextSite name matching SiteName in Sites table.
IdididNumberAuto ID.
CastcastcastNumberCast number unique within CTD.
NotesnotesnotesTextNotes on cast.
TowtowtowNumberTow ID to match CTD profiles with fish sampled via surface trawl.
Month Integermonth_integermonth_integerNumberMonth integer profile was taken.
YearyearyearNumberYear of profile.
Time PSTtime_psttime_pstCalendar dateTime in PST.
DaydaydayNumberDay of month for profile.
FlagflagflagTextDesignation indicating which cast were actual samples. Only cast labeled as SAMPLE are actual water column profiles.
CtdctdctdNumberCtd ID Number.

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